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Choosing food.  It’s something we all do, every day.

Checking labels and ingredients can get a little tiresome for your customers. We understand that both eating in and eating out can be a tricky task when you have a food allergy, intolerance, live a particular lifestyle or even have a health condition. But you needn’t fret; we’ve got the solution.

We’ve created an app that takes information straight from your menus and recipes to the pocket of your consumers, giving them the freedom to enjoy the food they love.

We believe we have created a food app that’ll really tickle your tastebuds.

Together we can help 30 million people

You’ll be surprised by the figures. With up to 2% of adults in the UK with a food allergy and nearly 8% of children, making the wrong food choices can be fatal. With around 7 million people in the UK alone, the time is now to bring something revolutionary to the table.

In excess of 20% of people have a food intolerance.  For them, if they choose the wrong foods, they will suffer from a range of symptoms from bloating and digestion problems, to extreme fatigue, mood swings and pain.  That’s over 14 million people.

Many health conditions – from diabetes to dementia, and chronic heart disease to cancer – are affected by what we eat.  These 4 communities of sufferers alone account for more than 9 million people in the UK.


of the population have food intolerance


people in the UK have Type 2 diabetes


of children leave school clinically obese


is spent per annum on treatment

Eating In or Eating Out

From your menu or recipe to the pocket of your consumer.

Both shopping and dining out can be difficult when you have a food allergy, intolerance, specific dislike or live a particular lifestyle. With the help of our FoodAdvisr app your customers will be introduced to what’s good for them, highlighting foods that are high in protein, fibre and more.

With a simple scan during their weekly shop, consumers can make quick decisions that relate directly to their dislikes, allergies, intolerances and lifestyle choices. Our expert technology also has the ability to track health conditions and show customers the foods that can benefit their health.


What people are saying about Advisr

We’re helping people to make their own informed choices.

I use FoodAdvisr all the time to find recipes, which is awesome because I can save the shopping list and send it too.

Khadeej Osman

I use the app for my daughter who simply refuses to have tomatoes or onions in any food! Instant checking!

David Crawford

I’ve suffered from IBS for years, and spend my life having to be so careful about what I eat. FoodAdvisr has made this so much quicker and easier.

Melanie Tinson

I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and FoodAdvisr has been a huge help in giving me choices again.

Simon Stephens

I’ve recently needed to cut out dairy products and before FoodAdvisr I was absolutely clueless on ingredients lists!

Emily Alexander

FoodAdvisr has really helped me, I love being able to create shopping lists and check products too.

Jennifer Huntley

FoodAdvisr has helped me a lot, with my daughter having allergies I spend a lot of time reading food labels. It has helped me a tremendous amount and makes shopping 10x faster than normal, just scanning a label and seeing the different symbols has changed how I shop, plus I can add the healthy eating profile so we eat well too!

Vicki Hurrell

I found the Food Advisr app easy to use and when scanning items, the app produced quick results. Set up of my profile was easy with the simple click on the toggle bar for my dietary preferences.

Christiana Botziou

Our granddaughter is very sensitive to cow’s milk, so FoodAdvisr has given us real peace of mind when we’re looking after her.

Anthony Windle

My son has his school friends over for tea all the time, and I use the app to check for nut allergens - such a relief.

Claire Baxter

Shopping for my girlfriend who has multiple allergies has suddenly got so much easier with this app.

Dan Ashton

My 2 kids love this app. It’s become a competition with them to see who can find the healthiest foods!

Tom Vernon

I’ve been a vegetarian for years, so am used to checking labels. FoodAdvisr is so much quicker and easier – and accurate!

Paul Chilcott

I’m on a fitness campaign, and I’m now able to instantly check for protein, fat and salt content, as well as eliminate certain ingredients.

Elodie Magnot

We’re always being told that we should all eat more healthily, but that normally means more expense. FoodAdvisr helps me save money on my shopping but still make great choices.

Jackie Cullen


What we eat is big news.


We thrive on making those with specific needs feel INCLUDED not excluded. We believe that being part of a community makes all the difference.

Which is why we encourage users to share their findings and experiences, making connections and encouraging others to enjoy their recommendations.

FoodAdvisr ‘Communities’ is a platform for your food to stand out from the crowd. This is where your meals can grab the attention of consumers and increase awareness, making a positive impact. We highlight what you do best, bringing attention to your dishes that match their individual needs.

All it takes is a simple tap of the ‘Share’ button.

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