5 steps to becoming a FoodAdvisr partner

Joining the FoodAdvisr partner community is straightforward. Our team will guide you through each step to make it simple.

Step 1

Agree commercial terms and approve terms and conditions.

Step 2

You provide Advisr with your company logo and colours as you want them to appear on the app and website.

Step 3

(For Eateries clients) You provide us with your food menu(s) so that we can build that structure into the app. As well as your menu, you provide us with your product (or menu) food data, including allergen, ingredient, ‘may contain’ and nutritional information (as determined by Food Standards labelling regulations).

Step 4

We incorporate these various source data into the FoodAdvisr platform and you can create either your branded version of FoodAdvisr, or simply get ‘added’ to our growing list of participating restaurants.

Step 5

We work together on your preferred communications plan to your staff and customers. We then publish your branded solution to the Apple Appstore and GooglePlay and you provide regular updates to your product data, or confirm to us that there are no changes.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Visit our ‘Sign up‘ page to register your interest in joining FoodAdvisr,

agree to our terms and conditions and submit your information to our team.

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Increase footfall. Increase new customers. Increase revenues.

Your food menus and their contents will be reproduced in the app so that your customers instantly recognise them. From initial contact to live inclusion in the app should take around 5 working days.

Please contact our team to get you into the app, and increasing your sales.

0345 241 3590