Ordering food that’s safe

When you’re living without a food allergy or intolerance, we take ordering food for granted. But when you are… It’s a totally different story. Especially when menus are unclear and ingredients lists too baffling to comprehend.

This is where FoodAdvisr’s ‘Deliver’ comes in.

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Making takeaway simple

When you’re having a night in, scrolling through hundreds of takeaways to find out what food is allergen safe can be tiring.

Customers with food allergies or intolerances are quickly put off by reading long lists of ingredients… Which is why we’ve created ‘Deliver’, coming soon to FoodAdvisr.


What is ‘Deliver’?

Simply put, FoodAdvisr’s ‘Deliver’ feature connects a user’s needs to nearby takeaways. Becoming a partner will promote your menu in front of thousands of customers, highlighting your signature dishes that are safe, delicious and quick to deliver.


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We don’t let allergies create limitations

Living with a food allergy or intolerance doesn’t have to necessarily limit what you eat. Often restaurants lose customers through tiring ingredients lists, allergen booklets and more…

With FoodAdvisr, we give your customers that peace of mind, matching their unique needs with your menus in an instant.


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Do you want to see your takeaway menu on FoodAdvisr?

We’re working incredibly hard to create a catalogue of restaurants to offer consumers a wide range of food that’ll really tickle their tastebuds. Do you think your menu does just that?

Get in touch with our sales team on to find out more or visit 8 steps to becoming a partner.

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