Heading out for dinner should be a treat, not a task! Finding a restaurant should be simple, but that isn’t always the case when you have a food allergy or intolerance… Especially when menus don’t always make their allergen information clear!

Did you know 92% of allergy and intolerance sufferers list ‘Eating out’ as the most impacted aspect of their lives?

Together we can make a difference, giving allergy and intolerance sufferers that extra peace of mind when they’re dining out.

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The potential

Sure, documenting allergen information in-house is crucial…

But what if that information could be in someone’s pocket and accessible at the tap of a few buttons?

Imagine an app where your menu would be showcased to thousands of potential customers…

Well, there’s no need to imagine with FoodAdvisr!

What does being a FoodAdvisr partner mean?

When you get involved with FoodAdvisr, you’re instantly supporting a network of food lovers that live every day with a food allergy or intolerance.

We believe that dining out should be an experience, an enjoyable moment with friends or family, not a hindrance of checking ingredients. Becoming a FoodAdvisr partner means together we deliver that peace of mind to thousands of customers, keeping things simple for both existing and potential new visitors.



Become a FoodAdvisr partner

Sharing potential!

Not only will your menus reach thousands of customers, there are endless opportunities to reach many more!

With the option to leave user reviews, businesses can quickly gain the trust of foodies and find themselves with plenty more bookings, there increasing revenue. As well as leaving comments and star ratings of restaurants, users can share their findings amongst their fellow food lovers across FoodAdvisr and popular social media platforms.

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