Trying to find a single word that describes the array of different food outlets is tough!

Restaurants, fast food, cafes, hotels, snack bars, coffee shops…

So we decided to use one word to describe them all – Eateries.

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All Eateries have a legal obligation to provide their customers with detailed information about any food item that they sell.  For some food they only need to provide allergen and intolerance details.  For others they need to give a breakdown of the nutritional levels.  FoodAdvisr makes it incredibly simple for them to share that information with their customers.

‘Eateries’ mode

You can see all the FoodAdvisr Eateries members in the app.  Simply click the one you want to know about and browse their menu. You’ll find instant recommendations next to each dish that you select.  And you don’t have to be in the actual outlet to use the app – you can check out their menus wherever you are, whenever you want to!

We are working to encourage all sorts of Eateries to submit their food data into FoodAdvisr so that their customers can make informed choices about what they can eat, matched against their needs.


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Share what you find

If you find a great restaurant that really catered well for your needs, let everyone know about it!

Click on the ‘Share’ button to post the dish that you want to talk about.  Add a quick comment and let your communities know the good news so they can try it out too!

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So many to choose from!

If there is an Eateries brand that you’d like to have included in FoodAdvisr, let us know and we’ll try to get them onboard!

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