Expert Users

Part of making an informed choice is being able to set the levels of nutrition that are right for you.

FoodAdvisr’s ‘Expert User’ allows you to set the levels of all the main nutrition components of food, and save that profile.

This means that you can use the app to guide your food choices for a range of health and fitness requirements.

Use the sliders to set your preferred levels, then we’ll do the rest!

Putting you in control of your choices

You can have as many profiles as you want, and save them under different names.

Or you can use one of the pre-built profiles designed by our nutritional experts.

Or you can even adjust a pre-built profile and tailor it specifically for you.

Your allergen and intolerance settings are already locked in, and will be used on whichever profile you select to use.

Whichever way you choose to build your user profiles, you’re in charge.

Red, Amber, Yellow and Green Traffic Light results from your food scans

This is probably obvious, but let’s explain anyway.

We give you the control to set the levels of nutrition that are right for you.  This is important.  If you say that you’re happy to have a high level of sugar and fat, that’s your choice.  If a food is scanned that has high sugar and fat, and you’d told the app that you’re ok with that, then it will give you a green traffic light result.

If you say that you want a low level of something in your food, and a low level is found, then again, that’s ok, and it gets a green light.

However, if the level found is high (and you set your preference as low) then of course it’ll be a red light.

Yellow and Amber show as you get nearer to the levels that are unacceptable to you.  The overall rating of a product is based on a calculation of ALL of the sliders combined.

That’s how the traffic lights work!

How to use the nutrition sliders

When a slider is set all the way to the left, it means that you are choosing not to accept any of that nutritional element in your food.

For example, NO fat, NO sugar, NO salt.

If you leave them set to the left, a scan result will almost always give a RED (not meeting your criteria) warning.

As you move the sliders you’ll see a little box with a number in it that changes colour.  THIS IS A HEALTHY LEVEL GUIDE for you.

Our nutrition experts are trying to give you some help with what the right levels of each element are to be eating.

The number in the little box (that changes colour!) is the amount of that element that you’re setting as acceptable per 100g of food selected.  Don’t worry about calculating it out – that’s what we do.  So if you choose a product that weighs – for example – 500g, FoodAdvisr works out based on the 100g setting, and the totals on the label, whether it meets your requirements or not.

And you get a traffic light result!

You’re all set to go!

Add as many profiles as you want, for whatever mood or mode you’re in.

Your allergies and intolerances will ALWAYS be used as you’ve set them, irrespective of which profile you use in Expert User.

You can now scan barcodes, or browse Eateries menus, and you’ll get results from the app based on your choices.

If you want to make changes to any of the settings and see what it does to your scan results, just go to the setting, make the change, return to the scan and the new results will already be there!

Now all you have to do is make your informed choice!