Many of us will never know what it feels like to find out we have a food allergy or intolerance. What food can you eat? What do you need to avoid? This is where we come in. In pairing with FoodAdvisr, your dishes are at the forefront of a consumer’s decision making.

When looking for food inspiration, our ‘Meals’ section allows users to browse dishes that match directly to the needs they’ve specifically set. From here, users are put in control of their meal choices, with the option to find a nearby restaurants or café that can serve exactly what they’re looking for.

Putting your dishes in the hands of food lovers

We’ve all been there, when we just can’t decide what we fancy to eat, haven’t we? With FoodAdvisr’s ‘Meals’, your business’s adaptability is a user’s best friend! Whether gluten free, dairy free, vegan or eating in line with a health condition, every business wants their consumers to know they’re ready to serve up dishes that are safe to eat.

Meals coming soon

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How does it work?

Working carefully with our partners, we absorb every dish’s ingredient information to ensure it is accurate, honest and carefully matched against a user’s needs when using FoodAdvisr.

When users browse ‘Meals’ they are met with a variety of dish options that are not only delicious, but also completely safe for their allergens or intolerances. From here, users have the opportunity to ‘Book’ a table at a nearby restaurant or food establishment or select ‘Deliver’ and have that meal brought straight to their doorstep.

What’s the idea behind ‘Meals’?

Imagine flicking through a recipe book that is tailor made specifically to your needs, likes and dislikes…

Imagine the possibility of offering thousands of customers tailor-made dishes…

You no longer need to imagine with FoodAdvisr. Our brand new ‘Meals’ feature (coming soon!) offers users hundreds of recipes according to their food allergens and more, so when it comes to “what shall we have for dinner?” we’re more than ready to answer.

And when it’s time for a meal out or cosy night in with a takeaway, our recipes also include the option to ‘Cook’ ‘Dine’ and ‘Deliver’.

Meal inspiration ideas

Meals dine deliver screens

The Meals process

Although we’ve created ‘Meals’ to help users find food inspiration that directly matches their unique needs, it is much more than that. Once a user has found a meal they like the sound of, they can choose to either order its ingredients (great for meal prep!), book a table at a restaurant nearby (introducing… ‘Dine’) or order a takeaway straight to their doorstep with ‘Deliver’.

If you’d like your menus to be presented to thousands of potential customers, get in touch with our team via